UngerRose is the brainchild of pioneer entrepreneur Ed Unger. On the album, Closer to Heaven, Ed set out to create a fresh electronic dance project by collaborating with Jen Rose. “We like to pass our tracks back and forth until the song develops a chemistry we both can agree on. I love it because I can create a beat or loop then Jen will write a vocal line, send me the vocals and then I’ll design sounds and create soundscapes around her voice, maybe record some of my vocals.. I never know what’s going to happen” Ed says about their collaborative effort.

“I’ve been greatly influenced by the music coming out of Miami and Europe. All sorts of House music is at the forefront of my playlists. I wanted to do music that captured a dance club vibe while honoring classic song structure with a nod to pop music.”

The album, Closer to Heaven, is available at iTunes, Beatport and other digital download sites.